Liberate yourself by learning at the Hood County library

“The library is a place of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars of history.”

–Carl Rowan

“The Other Typist”


Reviewers warn that starting this novel will cause you to stay up to all hours devouring its pages. In the rambunctious Prohibition-era 1920s New York City, a young woman named Rose works in the police department taking confessions. Then, in walks Odalie, the new girl joining the typing pool.

Rose’s world is turned upside down as she is slowly but surely drawn into Odalie’s world of speakeasies and New York City’s wild nightlife. There is no turning back for Rose, and then the unthinkable happens and Rose is accused of murder.

“Saturday Night Widows”


There were plenty of complications to go around. The author and five other 40ish women find themselves widows and struggling to make sense of a world that no longer seemed familiar. The women met once a month and over the course of a year would strike out on far-flung adventures, learning to live past the worst thing they thought could ever happen. It’s all here; the emotional peaks and valleys – dating, parenting, moving, finding meaningful work, and reinventing themselves.

You will laugh a lot and cry some, too, while reading these accounts of dealing with grief.

“Birds of Paradise”

Young Adult Fiction

Felice Muir has lived on the streets of Miami for five years now, since she was 13. Felice had once lived in an upscale Miami neighborhood with parents who loved her and her brother. She now scrounges for food in dumpsters; scores drugs wherever she can; seeks shelter in out of the ordinary places.

Why did Felice “drop out?”

We may get to know Felice a little better now that it’s close to her 18th birthday and adulthood when Felice and the family she left behind must come to terms with the consequence of her actions and try to make some kind of plans about what matters most to them.

This book is about more than teen culture; it’s full of observations about contemporary Miami.

“The Secret Birthday Message”

Ages 4-8

On the night before Tom’s birthday he found a strange envelope under his pillow. He follows a coded message to find his birthday surprises. The first line of the strange letter read, “When the sun comes up…”

This is a “hands-on” book for little readers – you get to explore all the pages which have few words and good things to do like go behind rocks and all.

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