Kids are abuzz about these books

“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.” –Mary Ellen Chase

“A Sick Day for Amos McGee”

(PreK-Grade 2) Amos McGee, an elderly man who works at the zoo, finds time each day for five special friends – the elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinoceros, and owl – and gives them the special attention they need. One day when Amos is sick and stays home in bed, his friends wait all day for him. Then they leave the zoo and take the bus to see Amos. This beautifully illustrated story is one of friendship and loyalty. This is a good read-aloud, too.


(Ages 1 up) Little Jane loved to be outside with the animals. While she read her Adventures of Tarzan books, she imagined what it would be like to live in Africa and be with animals. The little girl, Jane Goodall, grew up to be the world’s leading environmentalist and animal activist. You will appreciate McDonnell’s illustrations – they are beautiful.

“But I’ve Used

All My Pocket Change”

(Ages 3 up) Lola has lots of pocket money and is very excited about buying a new toy in the gift shop on a trip to the zoo. However, she spends a little here and little there, and before she knows it, she doesn’t have enough left for her toy. Her little brother Charlie comes to the rescue and shares his money, but then he doesn’t have enough to buy the book he wanted.

What’s Lola to do now? Do not miss this one…

“Olive and the Big Secret”

(Ages 4 up) Remembering playing “gossip?” Little Olive is told a secret and then she wants to tell Jesse and almost tells Ziggy. Then she does tell Joe, and the cat is really out the bag now. All the little animals know something, but how close to the truth is it? And just what is this “big secret?”

The little ones will ask for this one again because learning what the secret really is can be lots of fun. This one is also a great conversation starter on the do’s and don’ts of secrets among friends.

“This Is a Great Place

for a Hot Dog Stand”

(Ages 3 up) Izzy decided to quit his job and open a hotdog stand. Well, it’s really not that simple. Where will he put his stand? After looking all over the city, he decides the perfect place to sell hot dogs is a hot, dirty, overlooked lot and he sets up his hot dog stand. Business booms, thanks to Izzy’s great customer service – no matter what the request, Izzy serves his delicious hot dogs with style – and lots of napkins.

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