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Conrad Farrell has just returned home to Katonah, New York, after four years in Iraq. Something had changed. Reconnecting with family, his girl friend, and finding his footing in the civilian world trap Conrad in a life that’s constrictive and incomprehensible. In Conrad’s story, we see the costs of war, costs that go far beyond the tallies of the dead and wounded. Do not miss this one…

“Fifth Grave Past the Light”

Charley Davidson is not your average detective. She’s a paranormal detective that no one can touch. And then, Reyes Farrow moves in next door. He’s handsome and turns out to be Charley’s main suspect in an arson case. Charley figures she can handle that, but then dead women begin showing up in her apartment. Now it seems there’s a serial killer out there and Charley’s sister Gemma is the next target. Reyes is the only one Charley can trust to help her protect Gemma. Does she take the word of this suspected arsonist or will there be a huge price to pay?


the Man and His Music”

Who’s Tommy Mottola? He’s the powerful and visionary man behind the phenomenal music careers of Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Miriah Carey, and Gloria Estavan. Mottola was a kid from the Bronx – a college dropout – who became the music industry’s most creative and controversial CEO. In this story of the modern music industry, we follow Mottola’s “discovery” of Hall and Oates to his engineering the “Latin Explosion” of the past two decades. Along the way we get to meet Ricky Martin, too.

“How to Be a Friend

to a Friend Who’s Sick”

We’ve all come to this situation – what to say or do when a friend is very ill or perhaps dying. The author, a recent survivor of cancer, was fascinated by her friends’ and family’s diverse reactions to her and her illness which ranged all the way from, “What did you do to cause this?” to “Well, I know somebody who had this even worse than you.” She began talking to her fellow patients and dozens of others who had had medical trauma. What she discovered is that even well-intentioned people often have no idea how to talk to or comfort someone who is sick. Now we have this wonderful guidebook for anyone hoping to rise to the challenges of this most important and demanding part of friendship.

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