John Knox reflects on being police chaplain


John Knox has seen the inside of many a police car. Luckily, the view has always been from the front passenger seat.

Knox is chaplain for the Granbury Police Department, and also minister of Granbury Church of Christ.

He’s several others things, too: a husband (married to Jan almost 29 years); a father (three boys, ages 23, 20 and 16); a golfer; a member of the Hood County Substance Abuse Council; and a blogger.

Check out Celebrating the Journey (, and you’ll understand why we asked him to submit guest columns to the Hood County News. The guy can write.

One of Knox’s most heart-wrenching blog entries was “Of Cops and Compassion,” posted back in 2008.

“An officer told me years ago, ‘You’re not in Sunday School any more. Welcome to our world,’” Knox recalls.

Knox used to think that the last thing he wanted to be was a traditional Sunday preacher. But then after working as an associate for eight years to the preacher of a Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, he “couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Over lunch, Knox speaks of those who have spent time in prison or years battling addictions. Those people, he said, are “more effective” Christians because of where they’ve been.

Knox admits it is difficult at times to minister to those impacted by life’s tragedies. Sometimes, it is almost too much.

“You go through those periods when you think, ‘I just can’t do this anymore,’” he said. “And then, out of the blue, you get a call or a note from somebody.”

Thinking back on his years of ministry, Knox says: “It’s just been a great experience.”

What is your favorite sport?

“I’m an avid Green Bay Packers fan. The people at church, that just gets them all stirred up.”

What would you pick for a second career?

“I’d like to be a debate coach. I’ve coached debates on a volunteer basis for 30 years. For the second year in a row, Lindsay Morgan’s Tolar team is going to state. I get to go to Austin with them.”

Are you dying to know the sex of the royal baby?

“It’s got to be a girl – and it will look like Princess Diana.”

Finish this sentence: I try to be a good guy, but my wife will tell you that I need to work on (blank).

“Oh, boy, that’s a long list. I need to work on thinking before I speak.”