It’s like herding hampsters


Watercolor painting is a lot like herding hamsters with a unicycle. There are lots of little critters to control simultaneously and only one brush with which to do it… and plenty of obstacles. Or so claims Randy Meador, Fort Worth watercolorist and demonstrator at the next meeting of Lake Granbury Art Association.

Meador, sans a unicycle but with a deft brush, will exhibit his expertise Monday at 7 p.m. at the Shanley House Center for the Arts, 224 N. Travis. Meador might discuss “how to begin a watercolor painting without fear,” and his explanation for conquering this white paper fear might surprise you.

Further, he just might give ideas on discovering your own style and color palette in watercolor.

“I’m no watercolor Einstein, but I do know that if you have reached the certain level of competence in avoiding mud pies when mixing color and still have relatively flat paintings, it’s time to leave the nest,” Meador stated. “It’s time to test your wings beyond your instruction and begin possessing your own life as an artist … your own art.”

He can point a novel direction for leaving the nest.

“I didn’t want to be an artist or a writer.” (He writes a blog as well as paints, and, rumor has it, he is working on two novels.) “They (artists and writers) were always broke and as a general rule, kind of a sissy bunch.

“But my pro baseball career was cut short the first day of college tryouts, and my life as a rock star ended without a major label contract; they only listened to me because of my relation to Buddy Holly. But I love to create, so I continued to create businesses.”