I do like this journey through life


Love, while it may be a many splendored thing, is also a many layered thing, as we learn in the Granbury Theatre Company’s production of “I Do! I Do!”

The show is currently running through Nov. 24 at the theater on the square in downtown Granbury.

This two-person musical stars Andrew Barrus as Michael and Brooke Elyse Wilson as Agnus. Barrus also directed, with musical direction from Duncan McMahan.

It begins with the couple having just wed and arriving at their new home. They are deeply in love, but blissfully unaware of the life ahead of them and its challenges (and blessings). She is a wee bit more innocent than he, it seems, but neither is certain of what lies in wait.

Before long a child arrives, a boy. Then, a girl is born. Michael becomes a famous author, and their life goes from youngsters full of hope to grown-ups hoping they can get through the tribulations to find the happiness they once knew.

Problems are worked out together, more arise, and those are also worked out because of the one thing that is persistent throughout their lives. They love each other.

Even in moments when they wonder (and wander), something magical (and sometimes simple) happens to remind them they are destined to be together.

The children grow up, get married themselves, and before we know it, Michael and Agnes are leaving their beloved home. A new couple is set to move in, and so the circle of marriage and life continues.

Wilson and Barrus display incredible chemistry and comfort on stage, and certainly that is a must for a show that has them in every single scene. Not only do they harmonize beautifully, they truly do have the effects of a couple who have been together, depending on each other for many years.

The musical numbers range from touching to bouncy, and the story is wonderfully told through both song and dialogue. The greatest musicals, it has been said, are those with a story strong enough to stand on its own with or without music — of course, great music only makes it greater, and that is certainly true here.

For long-time married people watching the show, it’s liable to spark some memories. Mostly, it is a reminder that life is a journey with many ups and downs, and the miracle of finding that someone special is to be treasured, knowing that on our best days and our worst days they will always love us.

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