Groundwater District seeks wells to monitor

The Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (UTGCD) is working to identify water wells in the Paleozoic aquifer in Hood, Parker, Wise or Montague counties.

With its free water well monitoring program, the district hopes to incorporate another 96 Paleozoic wells in the program.

These wells are of interest to the district because they show the vulnerabilities of an aquifer where many well owners draw water.

District officials said there is no definitive groundwater study to provide the district information about the Paleozoic region.

An initial check of the well is made by a district field technician to determine the functionality of the well to be monitored. Next, quarterly check-ups are scheduled. The well owner does not need to be on site for the check, and all information is provided to the owner.

The information will be used to determine potential problem areas within the aquifer, providing critical information for the sustainability of groundwater resources in the state.

If you have interest in the program, please call the district office at 817-523-5200 or visit the website contact form at