For The Promise’s Jesus, trusting God is the way to feel full

September 14, 2013


Stonewater Church Worship Pastor Adam Richards was going to skip the usual outing with friends to a local restaurant after church one Wednesday night.

But then he got a call on his cell phone.

“Hey, Adam,” said a church friend, who was calling from a booth at the restaurant. “You need to come up here. I just met your wife.”

The friend had, in fact, just met the woman who was destined to become Richards’ wife. Richards joined his friend at the table and met the waitress and Stonewater church member to whom he would propose just three months later.

Richards said he “knew pretty quickly” that Kiley Grier had all the qualities he had dreamed of in a wife.

“She was just everything on that list – and then some,” said the 29-year-old, who sings and plays guitar at church services.

Richards currently is playing the role of Jesus in “The Promise” – a highly-acclaimed production that has been performed at the outdoor amphitheater in Glen Rose for 25 years. It’s his eighth time to play Jesus. During his 16 years with “The Promise,” he has played a variety of roles.

Richards started performing at an early age at his family’s church in Weatherford. In high school, he “just picked up a guitar” and taught himself to play, he said.

Richards said that, even though he’s “not perfect at it,” he has learned to trust God’s direction. Doing so, he said, brings him a sense of calm.

“There’s a peace that you feel when you shouldn’t feel peace,” he said. “Any time Jesus tells us no, it’s because something better is ahead.”

When was the first time you performed in public?

“I was probably five – or maybe seven. I was at Greenwood Baptist Church, southwest of Weatherford. I sang the hymn ‘The Basics of Life.’”

How do you and other performers in “The Promise” cope with the Texas heat?

“The heat is pretty bad, but we do have air conditioning in the dressing rooms. And there are fans throughout the amphitheater. Some of us are lucky enough to get baptized (during the show). It’s worse being cold, though. It’s cold at the end of October.”

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