FERC license formally surrendered

The decommissioning process is complete for the Brazos River Authority’s (BRA) hydroelectric generating plant at Possum Kingdom Lake.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently announced the surrender of BRA’s FERC hydroelectric generation license at Lake Possum Kingdom is now complete. The process required decommissioning of the existing hydroelectric generating facility.

Operations at the facility were shut down in October 2007. When the plant was operating, water passed through the system flowing downstream to Lake Granbury. The water helped maintain the lake level at Granbury.

The decommissioning process was initiated in December of 2011 and involved nearly three years of construction to permanently disable the 73-year-old plant’s hydroelectric functions.

The BRA board voted to apply for decommissioning after concluding that renovation and continued operation of the facility was no longer viable, according to BRA spokeswoman Judi Pierce.