End the day with a book

“Before you sleep, read something that is exquisite and worth remembering.”


“Sum It Up”

Pat Summit was only 21 years old when she became head coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols.

For the next 38 years, she broke records, winning more games than any NCAA team in basketball history.

Summit, whose early life was dominated by a father who could not be pleased in any way, says she owes her coaching success to her personal struggles and triumphs.

When we see women’s basketball today, we can hardly believe that for many years girls were forbidden to play full court. Summit was an advocate for ending that practice.

Her life took a shocking turn in 2011 when she was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a story of courage and perseverance.

“The Last Summer
of the Camperdowns”

Twelve-year-old Riddle Camperdown tells the story of her dysfunctional family in such a way that we cannot put down this novel until we’ve turned the last page.

Riddle and her warring parents are spending the summer at their Cape Cod estate where her father launches a campaign for a state House seat and an old war buddy shows up with threats to ruin Camp’s bid for public office.

Things get really tangled when Riddle witnesses an act of shocking violence in a neighbor’s barn and realizes she’s the only one who knows what happened to the little Devlin boy.

All this seems to make Riddle’s mother’s shenanigans tame…

“The Lemon Orchard”

Julia and her dog Bonnie are spending the summer house-sitting for her uncle and aunt in Malibu.

She is hoping to find some solace and peace following the death of her daughter in an auto accident.

What connection could she possible have with Roberto, who takes care of the lemon orchard?

The answer comes when Roberto begins to share his story of attempting to cross the border with his little daughter Rosa who was lost and never found in the desert.

Julia makes it her mission to discover what happened to Rosa.

This is the kind of story that comes along just when we need an affirmation of all that’s good in the world.

“Bye-Bye Baby Brother!”

A new baby brother in the house does not fit into Ruby’s plans at all.

In fact, when Mom has all kinds of things to do for Oliver, Ruby makes her to-do list.

On the list is “Send baby brother to the moon. Forever.”

Ruby builds a rocket to send Oliver to the moon, but Mom points that perhaps Oliver is too small to be the pilot and they should all go.

Turned out to be a wonderful afternoon for Ruby, after all…

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