County office’s Swanson always on the move

Most people would consider it a hostile work environment if fellow employees threatened to break their leg.

But Katrina Swanson thinks that the co-workers who say that to her are “the nicest people ever.”

Swanson, who delivers mail to all the county office buildings, is always the person to beat in the “Healthy County” initiatives encouraged through the Texas Association of Counties (TAC).

Employees can opt to wear pedometers and engage in friendly competitions to see who walks the most steps.

On average, Swanson logs enough steps per day to equate to walking between four and five miles.

Swanson has worked for the county almost five years. She spent three years in the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office handling car tags. She loved the job and the people, she said, but hated being sedentary.

She took a job in the mail room as a way to get more exercise, even though it was just a part-time position. But from Day One, the job was fulltime because of another employee’s illness.

Swanson said she saw a definite change in the way she felt after becoming more active.

“I had more energy at night,” she said. “It was great. I would make dinner, clean house, do a load of laundry and sit up and talk to the boys longer.”

“The boys” are sons Brandon, 23, Maxwell, 19, and Colten, 17.

Swanson has been married to her husband, Richard, who does vendor audits at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, for 31 years.

Now that the boys are older and two have left the nest, Swanson said she is trying to focus a bit more on eating healthier, though she tries to be realistic about it.

“Cherry pie is always there,” she said.

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