Cook was illustrator at young age


Competitive off-shore sailing, Disney World, Corvettes and watercolors – what’s the connection? And the answer is: Robert W. Cook, or simply, Bob Cook.

As a youngster, Bob loved to draw. While delivering newspapers for the Kansas City Star, the young entrepreneur met Jules Scheffer, an illustrator now famous for his prints and the production techniques he developed. Scheffer, after seeing Cook’s portfolio at age 12, agreed to hire him — after high school graduation. And he did. It was there that Bob learned valuable skills he later employed as Owner/President at Prelim, Inc., a large architectural illustration firm.

Along the way, Bob studied at the Kansas City Art Institute at Baker University before moving to Florida. No longer land-locked, Bob discovered the thrill of and learned the skills involved in off-shore sailing and racing. He sailed everything from dinghies to racing yachts. Last year, Bob was honorary captain of Dennis Conner’s Stars and Stripes 87 in a 12 Metre Challenge against other former Americas Cup racing yachts around St. Maarten. Bob’s yacht won.

Bob found his way inland again, settling in Dallas, Prelim’s home. Enter the Disney connection. Years before Cook became a student at the Kansas City Art Institute, Walt Disney had been a student … but was dismissed. Rumor has it that he preferred drawing silly little animals over developing serious artwork. Years later, however, Bob was chosen to render the developing Disney World complex. You get the picture and the scope.

Bob discovered his wife, Carol, about 22 years ago. She introduced him to her passion – cars, specifically, Corvettes. Out with sail boats, in with speedy automobiles. Oh, how love can change things. Bob Cook became a level one judge, then “learned his way up” to becoming a master judge.

After a slightly circuitous route, Bob and Carol purchased very rough riverfront property in Pecan Plantation. While clearing the land and spending more and more time commuting from Dallas to Granbury, Carol found her dream location–a hilltop peninsula overlooking Granbury. They sold the river front land and renovated the property with a view.

Bob spends his days creating stunning watercolors, and is currently developing a series of New Orleans scenes.

Bob feels that his experience at Prelim has given him tools to create quality work efficiently. Rather than resting on “what works easily,” he is setting up creative situations that are more challenging. Doing well.

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