Confederate memorial rededication next week

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Robert E. Lee Camp #239 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Confederate Veterans Memorial Monument placed at Acton Cemetery.

A rededication ceremony is set for 10:30 a.m. at the monument Saturday, Sept. 28.

Jim Sutton, of the Hood County Historical Society, will give a brief history of the Acton area. Gloria Wilson, of the Daughters of the Confederacy, will talk about the Confederate veterans buried in the cemetery.

Other plans include a cannon volley, a musket 21 gun salute and a bag piper.

The monument was originally dedicated on May 4, 2003 to honor approximately 50 Confederate veterans buried in the cemetery.

“The men whose names are engraved upon the many stones in this cemetery made this area of the Texas central plains their home,” noted Barry Turnage, commander.

“Some had been the earliest settlers here before it became a county and before that terrible war. The other names are of those who left their homes in places like Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia among other decimated southern states only to find their homes in ruins and their families scattered when they returned. These men gathered what they could and came here to start again. They established farms, churches, schools, businesses and became the pioneers to which Hood County owes so very much.”