Comanches and other Indians once were in the Lipan area

Another excerpt from the book, “Glancing Backward, a History of Lipan, Texas” by Iris Williamson Hubbard (1975) tells about the Indians that once roamed this area.

The early settlers had reason to fear the warlike Indians who were constantly raiding the territory that was occupied by Anglo settlers or by peaceful Indians. We all have read many stories about the Indians and the settlers of North America. The story of Lipan would not be complete without recognizing that there were some such stories relating to the early settlement of the country.

The many arrowheads and pieces of flint rock found west of town in the vicinity of the W.B. Byrd farm, give credence to the legend that a decisive battle was fought in that area between the Comanches and other warring tribes. Arrowheads and other Indian artifacts have been found also along the ridge east of Crockery Creek.

The Lipannes (Lipans) Indians as a tribe, never roamed over this part of the country. The home territory of the Lipannes Indians was in Mexico and southwest Texas. They were absorbed by the Apache tribes and lost their identity as a strong force. There probably were some Lipanners with the Apaches as they fought with the Comanches.

A census of Texas Indians, taken in June of 1852 gave the approximate number of Indians in Texas to be 22,780, with 4,440 of them being warriors. No evidence was found that the Kickapoo Indians roamed the area, but was just a name that the earliest surveyors gave to the creek. There are many Kickapoo Creeks in Texas.

The Comanche Peak was a spot for rendezvous for the Comanche Indians.

This vicinity was once considered as a desirable place for the county seat of Hood County. For many years, Comanche Peak was the base point for the location of surveys.


Congratulations to Charles and Rose Tipton who were voted Valentines Day King and Queen of Castleview Nursing Home in Stephenville. They were elected by the residents of the nursing home. Charles and Rose have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren that reside in Lipan. Thanks to granddaughter-in-law Ellie for the information.


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