Children’s book author combines food, storytelling


The topic? Spaghetti. The lunch? Soft cheese tacos.

Both were appropriate when the Hood County News sat down with children’s book author Brandy Herr.

Herr is the “daughter” in the “mother-daughter team” that started the Granbury’s Ghosts and Legends Tour three years ago. Mom is Coletta Henderson.

Ever creative, Herr recently turned her attentions to a children’s book series featuring Freddie Spaghetti and his dog, Meat Ball. The pair’s first adventure, put into print by PublishAmerica, involves a trip to Mexico, where they meet Enrique Enchilada and Teresa Taco.

Teresa is difficult to get close to because she has a hard shell. But one lick from the affectionate Meat Ball and her hard shell softens, making her a soft taco.

Herr and her book have been popular with local Girl Scouts and elementary schools. (“Acton Elementary has been great to me,” notes Herr.)

The concept of Freddie Spaghetti actually originated with Herr’s granddaddy, who died of cancer in 1991. He drew the noodle character on a sticky note when Herr was a child, and her children’s book character is drawn the same way.

Always fond of children, Herr’s grandfather once had to quit his job as an ice cream truck driver after only one day because he gave away all the ice cream.

Herr’s book costs $24.95 and can be bought online. However, copies can be purchased on the square today at a reduced price of about $15. The author will be on hand to autograph copies at a HALO pet adoption event at Dog Tired (where Rinky Tink’s used to be). For each book sold, Herr will donate $4 to HALO.

“I’ll try to get people to adopt their own little Meat Ball,” said Herr, who is mom to two rescued cats, a rescued dog and a rescued hermit crab.

Have you written other stories for the Freddie series?

“I have three more written. Freddie and Meat Ball go to Italy, Outer Space and Memphis, where they meet Elvis Parsley.”

What is your favorite children’s book?

“‘Love You Forever’ by Robert Munsch. That’s a timeless book. It’ll get you, no matter your age.”

You used to be a tour guide for the Ghosts and Legends Tour. Are you afraid of ghosts?

“No, they’re more intriguing (than frightening). But ask me again when I’m lying in bed at night.”