Brazos Pregnancy Center tackles expansion

TEAMWORK AT BRAZOS PREGNANCY CENTER: The recent Celebration of Life fundraiser at Granbury Resort Conference Center resulted in the generous donations of funds, materials and labor from a variety of businesses and individuals anxious to help in the expansion of the facilities at the Brazos Pregnancy Center. Pictured amidst the on-going construction at the center are some of the organizers, staffers and donors that helped make it all possible. From left, bottom row: Kenny Finch, Patrick Brimer and Jesse White. Middle row: Julia Pannell, Betty Petty, Kim Irwin and Antonio Casedova. Back row: Darryl Lackey, Bob Reynolds, DeDe Litke and Christie Alexander.

The “village” is working together at the Brazos Pregnancy Center.

“Part of a well-known quote is ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ This certainly can be said about a community of people and businesses who are actively taking a stand to help in the expansion of the facilities at Brazos Pregnancy Center,” said Julia Pannell, the 2012 Celebration of Life Chairwomen.

“As a result of the recent fundraising gala, individuals and businesses have offered their financial and construction skills to provide a new, upgraded, and private ultrasound and pregnancy testing area,” she said.

Brazos Pregnancy Center wants to be known as a center offering the best possible environment for the women who came in for help, Pannell explained.

Darryl Lackey Roofing Company and his crew are busy with construction to provide the new ultrasound and testing areas, along with an office for the new Client Services Director and a great new setting for parenting classes.

Wholesale Flooring & Stone brightened the offices and new areas with carpet and tile work. Brad and Penny Snyder (Newscope) partnered with Gary Couch in meeting the challenge to replace the outdated phone system through Lantana Communications who agreed to provide the best phone system to meet the Center’s needs. Justice Plumbing jumped on board to update and furnish any needed plumbing changes.

“We can not thank the community enough for all their support. It truly does take a village — in our case a generous community — to change lives, help families, and save babies,” said Executive Director Betty Petty, of the Brazos Pregnancy Center.