Be adventurous: Read

“Reading is an adventure like that of discovery itself.”

James Billington, American academic

“The Civil War in 50 Objects”


No other event in American history defines the country in the way that the Civil War does. In this well-researched account, Holzer and the New York Historical Society invite you to discover the men and women who lived through this struggle with their selection of fifty objects that were worn, written, carried, painted or collected during this period. In the days between the election of Lincoln and his inauguration, most of the southern states declared themselves “free” of the union and began to forge their confederate alliances. It is notable that New York was also considering secession, too. A southern “reader” aptly titled A Dixie Reader appeared in 1863. Naturally, the author slipped in moral and religious instruction. You will really enjoy this one…

“With or Without You”


Domenica Ruta’s story is ugly. She grew up with a drug-addicted mother in a trash-filled house near Boston. Mother often kept Domenica home from school to watch movies saying, “This is more important. I promise. You’ll thank me later.” Somehow, Domenica developed a love for reading which helped her believe she could transcend her shabby and grimy life. In her sober moments, her mother helped Domenica get into a good school. Though battling with multiple addictions herself, Domenica earned a Masters of Fine Arts from the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin and has become a well-respected writer. You will laugh and you will cry while reading this book; it’s a story of love, albeit a much fractured love.


Personal Memoir

John Dunn writes for The Golfer and Leisure Golf magazines. John hasn’t always been a writer. For twenty years, he lived as a “looper.” That’s someone who makes a living as a caddy, working the “loops” wherever and whenever he can. Against the protestations of his father, John followed the Tour and eventually worked the big tournaments in the United States and even St. Andrews in Scotland. Along the way, John received an education not found inside a school building. And he kept journals. A golfer or not, you will like this one…

“The End of Diabetes”


It’s true. Diabetes does not have to be a lifelong condition. Dr. Furhman, family physician and nutritional researcher, specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. His recommendation begins with Eat Better, End Diabetes. Of course, this is not an easy plan; one’s health must always be monitored by a health professional. It also requires a commitment to learning to manage food and usually requires a lifestyle change. It’s all worth it, Dr. Furhman states, “When your good health returns.” This book has something for all of us.

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