All veterans should be enrolled with VA

Enrollment in the VA North Texas Healthcare System can be handled online, by phone or call my office to set up an appointment to complete a VA Form 10-10EZ and we will fax it to the VA, North Texas Healthcare System with your DD 214.

The application requires income, net worth and non-reimbursed medical, education and or burial expenses for both the veteran and spouse so make sure you have that information handy.

Because money allocated to the VA Health Care System is appropriated, not all veterans will qualify. But, all veterans should enroll.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you likely will qualify.

You were discharged or separated for medical reasons, early out, or hardship.

Served in theater of combat operations within the past five years.

Discharged from the military because of a disability (not preexisting).

Former Prisoner of War.

Received Purple Heart Medal.

Receive VA pension or disability benefits.

Receive state Medicaid benefits.

Served in the Republic of Vietnam from Jan. 9, 1962 to May 7, 1975.

Served in the Persian Gulf from Aug. 2, 1990 to Nov. 11, 1998.

All other veterans will be considered based on other factors unique to their military service like exposure to ionizing radiation, discharge date, 0% disability ratings, or how their income and or net worth provided on their application compares to the VA national and geographical income threshold.

Veterans who are accepted are notified by mail and provided a Health Benefits booklet explaining what priority group they are assigned, benefits available and if co-pays apply. Enrollment photo ID cards are issued at the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic and the Dallas VA Medical Center. Veterans are placed in priority groups 1-8, the lowest being those veterans with a service connected disability rating over 50 percent. Veterans who answer yes to the above questions will be placed in priority groups 1-3. All others fall in groups 4-8.

Applications are kept on file and reviewed as the requirements change. Veterans who disagree with the VA’s determination may appeal, and our office is ready to assist with that process. If a veteran’s income should change, we can submit an update.

The facilities we use in Hood County through the North Texas Health Care Systems are the Dallas VA Medical Center, the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic, and the Community Based Outpatient Clinic located at Fall Creek Medical Plaza 601 Fall Creek Highway, Granbury Texas, 817-326-3902.

It’s important to understand that enrollment in the VA Health Care System is not like Health insurance. You may not go to any physician outside the VA and expect them to cover the bill unless you have an approved referral from your primary care physician or you will be responsible for the bill.

Keep in mind however, if you have a life threatening illness or injury and are unable to get to the Dallas VA Hospital, call 911 immediately. Let the staff know you are a veteran and as soon as you are stable, you may be transferred to an authorized VA facility for treatment.

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