Advisory committee for Mission Granbury looks ahead to future

Mission Granbury recently had its first official meeting with our new advisory committee. It includes members of the business, nonprofit and local government sectors of Hood County. All were selected based on their expertise and compassion for those in need.

Our discussion began about the history of the organization and how the core values have never changed. How can you have an honest discussion about where you’re going until you know where you’ve been and where you are presently? Hence, Mission Granbury was formed out of the common cause most of us have … compassion for those less fortunate.

Although there have been some tumultuous times, we are getting back on track through the services provided and the same values to care for those in need.


Due to the economic downturn, many are facing some critical issues at this point in time.

Here are some of the facts: The number of “working poor” is growing – they are our neighbors. This is a new phenomenon that we, as a society, are not prepared to support.

The number of resource-dependent families is also growing. These families are typically single mothers (families) with several children who may be in an abusive relationship, unemployed or underemployed, transportation-dependent, have minimal language skills and no health insurance.

Resource-dependent families are an invisible demographic. Those of us who are financially stable, with good jobs and homes, often do not see this part of the community.


Due to the lack of social supportive services in this rural community, it is necessary to provide a safety net for people in need in Hood, Somervell, Parker, Erath and overflow for the surrounding counties.

Staff and volunteers at Mission Granbury provided services to 12,998 unduplicated individuals in 2011.

We have shown a 110 percent increase in the amount of clients this year as compared to the same time last year. The numbers have drastically increased this year to serving 27,351 clients.

The increase in numbers can be due to: 1) an increase in awareness of services 2) the lack of certain services being counted (i.e. pro bono legal services for instance) 3) an increase in need. Each in and of themselves would be enough, but combine them and the increase is exponential.

We help victims of crime and domestic violence, abused children, individuals in financial need and offer homeless prevention. An example of the need: our assistance to food insecure families has increased 200 percent this year compared to 2011.

Although unexpected, the community has risen to the occasion. The First Methodist Church of Granbury graciously hosted (assisted by local pantries) the mobile food pantry which assisted 275 families that included 921 members of households. Astonishing numbers when you consider the population of Hood County.


Some accomplishments we’ve made in order to better serve our community is to get an accreditation as a Sexual Assault Agency from the Texas Office of the Attorney General and become licensed as a food handler agency.

The staff has gone through many hours of professional trainings to understand how to provide professionally accepted assessments and interventions. We are hopeful to continue to partner with more churches, the Hood County Bar Association and civic organizations like the Rotary and Optimist Clubs.

We’ve enhanced or added other supportive services such as: legal, counseling, RAINNE (national crisis hotline), voucher program and bartering services with local vendors. ($3-$1 ratio).

Our future focus is to build Mission Granbury into a sustainable organization, explore a facility, increase awareness, recruit more staff and volunteers and collaborate with other organizations to maximize the community resources.

Thank you for all you do through your consistent support and prayers. We honestly couldn’t do it without you.

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