A time to volunteer


Monday has been designated a Day of Sharing in Hood County.

“We’re hoping to get the whole community involved in this project,” said Toni Brown-Belew, executive director of United Way of Hood County.

“We want to encourage people to help others, maybe help at nonprofit agencies, and to become aware of needs in the community,” she stated.

People may get involved as a group or individually.

“Business owners might encourage their employees to participate on this day,” said Brown-Belew.

Those who volunteer say they receive just as much as they give. “It makes you feel good to help others,” noted Brown-Belew.

This would be a good time to invite someone who is alone to share a meal with you. Visit a shut-in and play checkers, or help with errands.

Answer the phone at a nonprofit agency. Donate blood, donate items to be used by those less fortunate or donate food to a local pantry.

Maybe you share your time by reading a book to a child or help a student with homework. Offer a free haircut or tax help. Provide transportation to an appointment for someone in need.

For more ideas to get involved with the Day of Sharing, contact the United Way office at 817-579-5100.

United Way and Hood County News are sponsoring the Day of Sharing. “We hope to make this an annual event,” said Jerry Tidwell, HCN publisher.

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