Yes! We have that bridge crossed!

February 16, 2013

Part of preparing for baby number two means preparing baby number one to be a big girl.

Of course we don’t want to rush her into not being the baby anymore, but there are some bridges that need to be crossed sooner rather than later.

There are other bridges that need to be crossed later rather than sooner, like potty training. But that’ll be a whole other column sometime post-baby number two.

The current bridge we’ve come upon that needs to be crossed is getting baby number one out of the crib, so that baby number two’s nursery can have it. We are ready to decorate the nursery, but at the same time, we are converting the previous nursery into a big girl room.

Our pediatrician recommends if baby number one is going to go through such a big step, it needs to happen about three months before baby number two’s arrival, or at least three months after. This is so that she doesn’t look at the situation as though baby number two stole her crib, and Mommy and Daddy chose to give it to baby number two because we love him/her more.

So after a lot of deliberation, we decided that we definitely don’t want to buy another crib, we don’t want to put all of our guest room furniture in storage, and baby number two really does need all of baby number one’s furniture. So that means that the big girl room will have the guest room furniture, and the old guest room is the new nursery.


My husband and I really built up the whole big girl bed thing, and got her really excited about it. I found a photo of the exact bed online and saved it on my phone so that I could show her, and we could get really excited about it together periodically, and we ordered her new bedding. And this past weekend, we finally decided to take the leap.

It started with me taking down all of her nursery decorations that were on her walls. It made me really sad to pack them all up in a box. (Her nursery was absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself. And there was a lot of hard work and craftiness put into her decor.)

Taking everything “baby-ish” down, was like someone was trying to tap me on the shoulder and say, “Hey. You know what this means, right? She’s not a baby anymore. You’re pretty much saying it yourself by taking down all of this stuff. Heck, you’re even taking her crib away from her.” I blocked that voice out for the most part, but closing up the box with the decorations stung a lot. But once that part was done, my husband and I decided to just go for it and move the big bed in.

She “helped” put it together, and we made a huge deal about how cool it was. Before we knew it, night time rolled around and it was time to really see how this was all going to pan out. We got her to lay down, put all of her favorite baby dolls and stuffed animals on the bed with her, and went through the usual night time routine with her.

Only she started crying. Hard.

It killed me to listen to the way she was screaming, so I asked her if she wanted to sleep in her crib. To my surprise, she said, “No! That one!” and pointed at her big girl bed.

So I decided that perhaps her tears and tantrum were from being ultra tired, and not because she hated her bed, or us for that matter. And eventually, my husband got her to settle in and go to sleep.


She slept all night long without awaking, and when morning came, she was so proud of herself. We were proud of her, too! Such a huge step for her!

Since that first night, she has successfully slept in her big girl bed every night without any problems. It’s been such a relief. And I’m very proud of my husband and me for taking the leap and crossing this particular bridge now rather than later.

Now, project big girl room and project nursery can truly begin! What’s better than decorating one room? Decorating two!

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