We dress to impress

November 16, 2013

I had dinner with my girlfriends Monday night, and my friend, Shanna, was wearing some fabulous pants.

One of our first conversations of the dinner was about how much we all loved them. One of the other girls has the same pair, and every time either of them wear them, we can’t help but talk about them.

As we were gushing, Shanna said that her husband has finally started to “almost” like them. He hated them at first, but the more she wears them, the more they grow on him.

“Just like everything else I wear,” she said. “But like we always say, girls dress for girls, not boys.”

That is such a true statement.

We want to wear what our girlfriends, as well as female strangers, think is fashionable/cute. Most guys just don’t get it. They don’t understand fashion.


I remember when my husband and I were dating and I got a pair of designer sunglasses that were on sale. I told him the price, because honestly, I thought it was pretty good. He was shocked and somewhat disgusted that designers could get away with pricing sunglasses so high.

“Do they do something special? They better pump your gas or something for that price,” he said. (I learned quickly not to mention prices unless he asks.)

I wear a uniform to work, so I don’t really have to worry about fashion on an average day. But when I get ready for an event or even a quick run into town, I’m not gonna lie, some thought goes into the process. Sure I might end up wearing my stretchy pants and a sweatshirt by the time it’s all done, but that’s only because the fab outfit I’ve decided doesn’t quite fit right.


I’ve stopped even asking my husband if I look all right, because the precious and wonderful husband that he is, he always tells me I’m beautiful. And I know that he’s being honest, too. I could wear a trash bag, and he’d tell me that it looks good. Which is I why I don’t dress to impress him, but rather the other women out there that will appreciate it.

I know that other women besides my girlfriends do this, too. Maybe they won’t admit it, but I’m pretty sure it’s that way across the board. Men don’t notice a certain pair of earrings, or a pattern on a pair of heels, or the beauty of a new purse, or the fabulousness of Shanna’s pants.

It must be part of that Mars/Venus thing. And I must say, Venus has a lot better style than Mars.

No offense, Mars.

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