We are proud. We are strong.

May 25, 2013


It will not defeat us.

The EF-4 tornado that knocked us breathless brought a response that left us speechless.

We saw neighbor helping neighbor and realized the goodness of the human spirit.

We saw our first responders in action and realized that the word hero is not overrated.

We saw our elected officials suddenly thrust from obscurity onto the national stage, and realized that they had earned the trust we placed in them.

We saw the compassion of our church community and realized that our faith grew stronger because of them.

We saw representatives of our local nonprofit groups dressed in T-shirts and ballcaps, sometimes without makeup or sleep, and realized why we give to them.

We saw employers and employees stepping up and stepping out.

There was much that we saw, and will never forget.

And, thanks to those who are too numerous to mention, we see that we will heal.

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