The secret of happiness?

March 30, 2013

Several magazines have recently reported that happiness plays a part in our health.

We are advised to stay happy in order to benefit the rewards of good health. Apparently, the medical world wanted to get our attention, so a survey was done. The results are in, and guess what; the human race is an unhappy lot! Survey takers are prompting us to be happy or risk dying of misery at an early age. I’m serious! The research reported this!

I feel happy enough; have often been told my outlook and personality is one of a happy person. However, this doesn’t mean I’ve not experienced the low down blues or felt unhappy on occasion.

The report explained that enjoying one’s home, friends and lifestyle plays a part in our happiness, so I suppose I fall into the cheerful group. Well, I’d be happier if there was more money for frivolous things such as vacations, new car, designer clothes, and all the shoes I could ever want. (Men of the world, wake up, women love, and need, shoes.)

But, according to the survey takers and psychiatrists, people who have a lot of money are usually unhappy. That’s awful. Well, look at the people who won the lottery and are now miserable instead of “happy as a sand crab on a beach.”

Consider all the movie stars, celebrities, rock stars, and those with status and money, who are reported miserable. Some spend untold amounts of money to buy happiness, seek out one shrink after another, searching for their “groove,” wanting to be happy. What a waste.

The magazine reports stated people live longer by doing things that make them happy and working at a job that gives them a feeling of well-being and worth. I can believe that; look at Phyllis Diller. One of the happiest, funniest women in the world spread joy and laughter wherever she went, recently died at age 96.

I loved that woman, she made me happy with her jokes and performances in the wildest clothing and hairstyles one could never imagine anyone but her getting away with.

The experts and pretenders of knowledge in the happiness business advise us to stay close to family.

I have family members who scare me; and several no one would want to claim, so I’ll have to move on to the other advice suggested.

Live in a place that makes you happy. This advice is true because I’ve lived in places where I was miserable, hated it, and was unhappy living there, so I moved. I know people who hate the place they live; they won’t or can’t move, so they are unhappy. But I love my town, and Texas, although I’d love to live at the beach because I’m always happy when I visit.

Next, we are advised to have a strong social network with lots of friends to up our happiness level. Several of my friends have died from illness related to old age, then a few moved away to retirement centers in Arizona and Florida. Other friends have become testy and grouchy in their older years so I don’t spend a lot of time with them because they tend to put me in a foul mood. But the friends I do enjoy bring me great pleasure when we are together. However, several friends from the past I’m glad to be rid of because they were always broke, borrowed money and never paid it back, or they constantly tried to dump their woes on me to solve, then I became unhappy right along with them.

The most recent magazine article reporting on happiness stated we need to live in the moment. I hope that doesn’t mean day to day, which is scary for someone my age. Some of this advice from experts sounds a bit “over the edge” and leaves me puzzled. Should I move, cultivate more friends, even if they are testy or boring, or should I hang out with my scary or undesirable relatives no matter what?

Perhaps I should travel more, that’s supposed to make you happy. However, getting through an airport or traveling the highways of America has become so trying one can become miserably unhappy!

I opened a magazine today and before me, an ad for a vitamin that makes people happy. I’m not kidding. The ad stated, “Happiness is a By-product of Good health.”

Now I’m wondering just what might be in those multi and one a day vitamins. Oh, well, take your vitamins, be happy.

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