Road crews working hard at Rancho Brazos

June 1, 2013

I work in the Road Operations office so I have first-hand knowledge of what the Road Operations crew is doing.

I am very proud of all the men who have been first on the scene and are working every day in Rancho Brazos. The night of the storm, our senior foreman Todd Tuggle was listening to the county radio, and when he realized Rancho Brazos was hit, he did not wait on a call from dispatch, but quickly called the other foremen, Wesley Nelson and Shane Bolton, and told them to get everything going.

The crews were out right after the storm hit, worked until early morning hours, and were back at daybreak every day.

On Thursday morning, the 16th, that first morning after the storm, they found a flag in the debris, and as Jimmy Don Waldrup ran the loader, he raised Chad Hamm in the bucket to hang the flag.

I just want all the guys who have worked so hard and will continue to work for the citizens of Hood County to get the recognition they deserve.

Cindy Gullett

Hood County Road Operations

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