Resolution: Try a little kindness

January 5, 2013

It’s the time of New Year’s resolutions again. I write about resolutions this time every year, and that usually consists of weight loss.

But! Not this year.

Since I’m pregnant, I’m not focusing on that right now. In fact, I’m focusing on things a lot more meaningful and less vain.

A long time ago my sister-in-law said something to me that has really stuck in my head and my heart.

We were having a somewhat serious conversation about some of the sadness in the world, and she had mentioned that if she had any kind of platform, she’d do this and this (which had to do with what we were talking about). And I remember thinking, “I DO have a platform. Am I using it correctly?”

It’s an honor to get to reach so many people every other week, but am I really saying what I should be saying? I’ve had people tell me that they really appreciate my column because it is like a little escape from the sadness and seriousness for a few minutes. I think that is a wonderful compliment. But perhaps I should be serious more often, and use this platform for good instead of just talking about me me me all of the time.

So here is my New Year’s resolution this year, and I want all of you to join me with this one.

I want to smile more at strangers (in a non creepy way, of course), and to randomly pay for the meal of the person in the car behind me in the drive through, and to learn more people’s names, tell everyone that I hear sneeze “Bless you,” allow people to go ahead of me if they have fewer groceries than I do, and remind people that there is good in this strange world that we live in.

I want for people to walk away from their interaction with me with a smile and think, “What a NICE girl she is.”

If we remind people about the goodness that exists in our hearts, then they will feel more inclined to share their own goodness with others. If someone randomly paid for your meal, wouldn’t you feel inspired to pay for someone else’s?

I may not be an author of a New York Times Best Seller, but I DO have a platform. And imagine me standing on that platform now and challenging all of you to get out in the real world and remind people that there is still good out there.

It’s a new year. You can become a new you. Ready. Set. Go!

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