Praise for Billie and builders association!

December 22, 2012

A big thank you to the Hood County Builders Association. For Thanksgiving, they provided and delivered a meal to many of the senior citizens of Hood County through the Meals on Wheels program. It was a wonderful meal and appreciated very much by those served.

A special praise to Billie! When she learned that one elderly and incapacitated lady had been skipped by error, even though Billie was leaving town, she took the time to personally deliver a meal to the lady.

May God bless the Hood County Home Builders Association and Billie!

Kay Woods


National bankruptcy facing our country

This country is now facing national bankruptcy and yet bickering prevails in our congress.

The president demands an unlimited credit card, and you and I will pick up the tab. Compromise must take place if we are to survive.

There is great fear that our president will push his agenda to promote his wild political and fiscal policies. We all have spending limits except Mr. Obama.

Jack Williams


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