Paying for officers on every campus worth the cost

December 22, 2012


This has been tough week for our schools and community. Countless unfounded rumors were everywhere.

The most likely scenario for the chain of rumors was that a student in a lunch line made a comment about the world ending yesterday (if you are reading this, it didn’t end), the message from a hacker group scrawled on a brick at the high school and the Sandy Hook, Conn. unspeakable tragedy.

Mix these things well and continually feed the flames with more unfounded rumors and you’ve got a recipe for chaos.

School officials are doing, and have always done, everything they can to make our schools safe. After the holidays, our children will return to school just as safe as they’ve always been.

It’s no secret that I favor having trained, armed law enforcement officers on every campus every day all day long. School officials counter by saying they don’t have the funds for this added expense. I understand that, so please raise our taxes and get this done. And, dip into reserve funds now to protect schools through the remainder of this school year.

Does a law enforcement officer on every campus guarantee safety? The short answer is “no,” but it would definitely ease our worries. We live in a violent world. No one can guarantee our safe return the next time we leave home.

But, at our schools we need to do the very best we can to keep the students and staff safe. Nothing else is acceptable. Please go ahead and raise our taxes. Let’s do it for our children.

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