Outpourings of kindness multiplied electronically

November 24, 2012

The story of how help was marshaled on behalf of Reggie Koon is one that shows how good can come from social media.

Tracy Mann knew that the quickest way to find help for Koon, who lost his livelihood when his trailer and lawn care equipment were stolen, was to send out an electronic SOS.

People responded quickly with gifts of food and clothes and cash. And the email caused one woman to ask the right questions of an acquaintance who had no clue that the equipment he had just purchased had been stolen from a 77-year-old man who had no family to fall back on.

Actually, Koon had no relatives. He does, however, have a family.

Plenty of sarcastic, mean-spirited remarks are made through Facebook and Twitter – similar to the same aggressive behavior exhibited by drivers behind the wheel.

But when electronic communication is used to replace what a thief stole from a good man, something else is replaced: faith in mankind.

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