Order out of chaos

March 8, 2014

Order out of chaos

A recent edition of the Hood County News headlined interviews between representative Jim Keffer and his challenger, Cullen Crisp. Other than a class action lawsuit against the BRA which will probably not take place I would like to offer the following recommendations.

I would release enough water from upstream to fill Lake Granbury to capacity. This would involve lowering Possum Kingdom by only 4 to 5 feet as their lake is a deeper one and has a capacity of almost three times that of Granbury.

I would prohibit the release of any water from Granbury which causes the lake level to be lowered below the capacity of 128,000 acre feet. Those entities with water rights would have those rights amended to provide only the rights to water actually used within the past few years (maybe three or five). Inasmuch as Luminant will not need the capacity for water to accommodate two additional reactors they should be willing participants to this agreement.

The second stage is to disband the current management of the BRA from that appointed by the governor to that elected by the citizens whose water rights are controlled by the BRA. In that manner, the elected representatives will truly be answerable to those constituents to whom they are responsible.

I sincerely hope that the emotional and economic turmoil of lost property values leading to higher taxes, dashed dreams and hopes of retirees as they are being crushed and a wasted asset in the continued use and enjoyment of this once wonderful lake will be utilized in a positive manner to bring some order out of the chaos which the BRA has brought into so many peoples lives.

Ray Ashley


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