One tired mama

September 21, 2013

Two different people asked me if I was tired last week.

“No. Why? Do I look tired?” I asked the first person.

She said I looked like it and was moving like I was tired, and then she asked if the baby was keeping me up at night.

I looked in the mirror at myself and could see some definite bags under my eyes.

I tried to speed up my sluggish movements a little as I walked away.

Later in the day someone else asked me. Again, he asked if the baby is keeping me up at night.

I told him that I wasn’t sure why I looked like that, but that the baby is sleeping well. After he left, I went to the mirror again. I saw the bags again, and noticed that the whites of my eyes weren’t as white as they usually are.

Am I getting enough sleep?

Well … define “enough sleep.”

Eight hours? Not a chance.

Enough to fully function and stay awake all day? Yes.

Enough to get through the day without people telling me I look tired? I guess not.

So since this realization, my new goal is to try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. I should rephrase that. My new goal is to not have anyone tell me that I look tired.

I will try to get eight hours of sleep a night … or perhaps I’ll get new concealer.

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