One more day on the beach not bad

July 20, 2013

Last Saturday I had my alarm set for 3:50 a.m. Yes, that’s right, AM.

I don’t think I’ve ever set my alarm for that hour in my entire life. But I woke up filled with excitement, because we were about to get in the car and head to South Padre.

I was a little nervous for the 10-hour car ride with a 10-week- old and a 2 1/2-year-old in tow, but my excitement won over my nerves, and I had a smile on my face and happy hands as we loaded up in my mom’s Suburban. The car ride wasn’t bad at all, and the kids were extremely content.

My excitement increased as we crossed over the famous bridge to finally arrive at our destination. My brother and sister-in- law and nieces arrived at the condo shortly after us, and the children all laughed and jumped around at the site of the ocean out our patio window.


I soaked in those first moments and thought to myself, “I need to remember this feeling.”

There’s something very special about how you feel on the very first day of your vacation. You have finally gotten to what you’ve been looking forward to for so long. You’re living in that very moment, but also still looking forward to the days to come.

As the first day came to an end, it felt like time was moving too fast. And it only moved faster as the week went on. We had so much fun doing everything that we wanted to do, but it just seemed to go by so quickly. On our last day, there was a little bit of sadness in the air. I know that we all felt it, but we tried to ignore it and enjoy every minute of sunshine we had left on the beautiful beach.

My mom, my sister-in-law and I got to talking about how we wished we had one more day and how we always feel like that each year. We all agreed that just one more day would be the right amount of time. So … my mom called the office to see if we could make it happen. We knew the odds were not in our favor, because surely another family was going to be coming in the next day as soon as we left.

The office said that it wasn’t possible, just as we suspected. Then the lady asked if she could call us back. When she called back, I’m pretty sure my mom was fist pumping the air to let us know the answer had changed to yes!

It was an incredible bonus to an already amazing vacation. The sadness lifted, and even on the REAL last day, we were all happy because we knew that we were still there instead of on the road. All of the kiddos were so excited, but I think the adults were the most excited.


We enjoyed our last day and reflected on the days prior. The beach was beautiful. The family time was fabulous. And the food was to die for. It was a perfect vacation.

As we loaded our cars the next morning, the sadness returned a bit, but we were also ready to see our pets and sleep in our own beds. As we all got settled into our homes, we got a group text from my sister-in-law that said, “I don’t know about y’all, but as much as I love being home, I already miss the condo.”

And we all agreed.

Now that we’ve been home for a few days, the conversation has shifted from wishing we were still there, to talks of “next year.”

And I’m already counting down the days.

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