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March 2, 2013

Current plant doesn’t need additional water

I am writing to address some community questions asking whether Lake Granbury needs more water compared to other lakes due to its proximity to our Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.

I wish I could say it did. I have lived in Granbury for 30 years and I know first-hand the impacts of the current drought and low lake levels.

However, as a nuclear plant operator, Comanche Peak is very highly regulated, and it would be inappropriate for us to even suggest a regulatory need for additional access to water when there simply isn’t one.

Consider that, in addition to the approximately 150,000 acre-feet of water in Squaw Creek Reservoir (by comparison, Lake Granbury holds about 129,000 acre-feet), the plant has redundant, Nuclear Regulatory Commission-approved water-based safety systems in the event of an emergency.

This includes a separate safe-shutdown water impoundment so that the plant would not depend on water from Lake Granbury in an emergency.

Additionally, in the unlikely case that the plant ever reached minimum water requirements, regulations would require the safe shutdown of the plant until water requirements were met. With the low lake levels we have had over the last couple of years, we were never in danger of potentially shutting down the reactors due to a water shortage.

I understand the frustration of not being able to use the lake and the economic impacts for our community – I have lived on the lake for 18 years and can see from my backyard how low the water level is and has been. However I also know that we can’t ask for more water for Comanche Peak Units 1 & 2 when we don’t need it.

Rafael Flores
Chief Nuclear Officer
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

Innocent man made out to be a monster

We have finished looking into the incident that was reported on Facebook to have occurred at H-E-B.

There was NEVER an attempted kidnapping or child abduction, which some people were so irresponsibly reporting to have happened on Facebook. The irresponsibility of posting something like that on Facebook without any direct knowledge of the facts whatsoever was monumental!

Two of my officers working night shift were made aware of the posts on Facebook and they were able to track things down to find out who was actually involved. Contrary to the posts on Facebook, H-E-B DOES have video cameras and the staff at H-E-B were a TREMENDOUS help to our investigators in getting everyone identified based off those video recordings.

This was simply a case of a gentleman, whose car was parked right next to the car the little girl was in, trying to help a little girl open her car door so she could get out. The gentlemen even went so far as to apologize to the little girl’s mother for having startled her. The gentlemen’s wife was even seated in the passenger seat of their vehicle as well. The little girl got startled and scared when the gentlemen opened the door for her, and she reacted in a defensive manner by yelling and pulling the door closed and locking it, and I will come back to that in a second.

I keep referring to the subject as a “gentlemen” because that is exactly what he is. A gentlemen who is nice enough to try and help a little girl with her door just like many would have done. Only difference is people with no knowledge of what happened made him out to be a monster who tried to abduct a little girl.

I can’t say for sure that this gentlemen will ever do that again because of this, but I sure hope he doesn’t stop being the gentlemen that he is because of a few irresponsible people.

Now back to the little girl. I am very proud of her for reacting the way that she did because she took defensive actions in a situation where she perceived danger. She is a very smart young lady and the actions she took were awesome. The mother of the little girl had no idea that this incident had been blown up to astronomical heights on Facebook and wanted to make sure that everyone knew she had no ill feelings at all towards the gentlemen and that this was just a misunderstanding by her daughter that occurred when the gentlemen tried to help her with the door.

Mitch Galvan

Chief of Police

Granbury Police Department

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