Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17

November 17, 2012

Hoping for more Christian

attitude toward president

I wake up happy every day knowing that Obama is our president.

I could never believe that people would turn the nation’s business over to Romney, a good and decent man, that mostly appealed to the far right (after his advisers steered him through the Republican Primary).

The majority of voters had more confidence in Obama’s leadership than Romney’s. Losing an election is a normal result of the political process.

After four years of lies and denigration of President Obama I’m hoping that a more Christian attitude will be shown to Obama and his supporters.

Shirley Ledford


Sr. center still best thing

going in Hood County

When I became director in 1985, six years after this program was started, little did I know how it would mean more to me than any job in my career.

Back then, we were crammed into the old Shanley House – the name our center went by for many years. The job of loving seniors was easy, but funds were low, space was tight, volunteers were scarce and the need was great.

Now, on the 35th anniversary of this organization, I look back on its rather young legacy and am so proud to see what has been and continues to be done for the elderly here in Hood County. There’s no telling how many thousands of senior citizens have been served in some way by this organization:

Activities to engage their minds and bodies.

Access to transportation for those who can no longer drive.

Food for those who would otherwise go hungry because things are so high and money is so short.

Without a doubt, this center is enhancing and providing the livelihood of so many people.

We would be wise to be mindful of the pioneers of this program – those with the vision to see the need and plant the seeds that would carry it forward.

We also need to remember its heroes – hard-working volunteers like our late friends Mary Jo and John Hill and many others – who worked with resolve to get our community leaders, civic organizations, churches and business owners to rally behind this most important effort.

And of course you all know that this could not be done without the support of many thankless volunteers who are the backbone of this good work. And now, when the economy is tougher and seniors have less than ever, the role of this organization is crucial.

Working with the seniors of Hood County has been the most rewarding job I’ve had in my life – to be in a position to help other people help our seniors. I am so proud to know that this community is still committed to taking care of its elderly. Everyone pulling together to make it the best place it can be. People giving of themselves and their talents to create a place for seniors where they can go to meet their friends and neighbors and visit and get a hot meal.

Think of how many seniors whose lives you are extending, whose quality of life has been improved, who have a place to come and fellowship instead of remaining alone. Who have food to eat when there is none.

Now that I’m a senior citizen, I can tell you that this program means everything and is such an asset to our community.

I encourage you to get involved and make every effort to not only continue this work but to do more. After all, the senior center is the best thing going in Hood County.

Gloria Whitley


Friends of Brazos thanks

fundraiser supporters

Friends of the Brazos would like to thank the many individuals and organizations that supported our recent fundraiser through their attendance, memberships, volunteering, auction items and donations.

You helped to make it our best fundraiser ever!

Iris Broyles

Community Relations Manager

Friends of the Brazos

Maybe civics test

needed for voters

The one reaction you printed that appeared to be in support of Obama demonstrates the ignorance of many Democratic voters.

I guess I must have been living on the moon when Cheney was in office for 8 years. I have seen videos of Obama supporters who thought Paul Ryan was his running mate, who thought Paul Ryan was black, who thought Romney was muslim, who thought (and claimed to have watched) a debate between Ann Romney & Michelle Obama, who had no idea Bin Laden was dead.

Maybe instead of voter ID we need a civics test to be able to vote.

Patty Eberhart


Yes, yes! to ‘I Do, I Do!’

theater production

Last Saturday evening my wife and I saw the Granbury Theater Company’s production of “I Do, I Do!” All I can say is it was absolutely superb.

Brooke Elyse Wilson and Andrew Barrus are on par with any of the Broadway actors we’ve seen. The acoustics, lighting, and background music were excellent. The performers’ singing was spot-on while their stage antics were hilarious. Granbury is very fortunate to have them here.

My wife and I bought our retirement property up river several years ago and visited Granbury three summers ago before moving here last spring. In 2010, the square was vibrant with two live theaters, tour buses were bringing folks to town and the lake was level. Since then, the lake level has steadily gone down, but the quality of local businesses is once again on the rise.

Granbury is fortunate to have many fine restaurants and businesses. Each offers something unique. The fact that we can attract them is a testament of our community’s interest and patronage. We lost the Theater Company for a while, and the theater they are performing in while their Opera House is being renovated is up for sale. Sadly, at our Saturday night performance, less than half of its seats were filled. I’ve seen a lot of Broadway shows paying over four times the price and I’m telling you, this is a bargain at twenty bucks apiece. (Less for kids and seniors 65 and over.)

I’m writing this because we love it here, and I hope this brief note will help spread the word that the Granbury Theater Company is alive and well. To the actors and all of those involved in their theater productions, I say, I Do, I Do!

Mark W. Danielson


Paige is smiling down

on every one of you

The family of Paige Reiter would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who has helped us get through this past week.

Your thoughtful words and heartfelt gestures mean the world to us, and we know Paige is smiling down on each and every one of you.

The Reiters

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