Letters to the Editor, March 16

March 16, 2013

Town Hall meeting

should be interesting

I attended a meeting of waterfront owners (and friends) on Wednesday, March 6, at the Town Hall building next to the library. It was a “standing room only crowd.”

The group who call themselves the LGWOA (Lake Granbury Waterfront Owners Association) are trying to stop the BRA (Brazos River Authority) from acquiring additional water rights to sell – specifically for two new cooling towers at Comanche Peak (if they are ever built) and for the growing communities of Hood, Somervell and Northern Johnson County.

The LGWOA president, Joe Williams, stated during the meeting that “the BRA is unresponsive to the needs of this community” and are the reason for the continuing low water levels.

The BRA was not represented at the meeting, but have stated that “the one simple solution to the lake is rain. No amount of meetings, economic studies, etc., will solve the lack of rain … not only here but up river in far West Texas and Northern New Mexico where the river begins. They are dying for rain up there. The stock ponds are dry and the riverbed is dead. The truth of the matter is, we are enduring a hundred-year drought in Texas and throughout the Southwest.”

Rep. Jim Keffer and Sen. Brian Birdwell recently filed House Bill 2362 and Senate Bill 1062, respectively, which are “aimed at increasing transparency and oversight of river authorities in Texas.” Passage of these bills “would require river authorities to undergo a financial audit by the State Auditor’s Office and a performance review by the Legislative Budget Board.” My understanding is that the Texas River Authorities already fall under state audit regulations and must be compliant.

City Manager Wayne McKethan had a lake level impact study done for the city, but the city consists of 8,000 residents while the county is 50,000 and since the entire county is impacted by lake conditions, the LGWOA wants an impact study done for the entire county. It will be rather expensive, ($70,000 by one estimate) but they feel that the resulting statistics will reflect the overall effects of low water levels on the entire county.

While there was discussion during the meeting about BRA yearly dock fees, it was pointed out to me by my County Commissioner that our agreement with the BRA allowing us to build our docks clearly stipulates that the lake level could drop considerably during drought conditions.

If you are interested and would like to know more about this issue, there is a Town Hall meeting scheduled for March 16 and it is anticipated that Rep. Jim Keffer and Sen. Brian Birdwell will be in attendance.

I would also like to direct you to two interesting websites. The LGWOA website is www.savelakegranbury.org and the BRA website is www.brazos.org.

Marti Barber


Thank you to everyone

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the amazing generosity of so many folks who worked so many hours to hold the yard sale Feb. 23 at Celebration Hall.

We are humbled by the love and support of our community. We know there were many, many individuals involved in organizing, donation, delivering and working the sale that day to help us during these rough times.

Special thanks to Hood County News for the wonderful publicity of the sale, the Granbury Theatre Company for the use of Celebration Hall, the city of Granbury for allowing Crockett Street to be used, and the Chamber of Commerce for all their support and publicity. And to all those many, many folks who donated items – a very big thanks!

Thank you so very much to everyone.

Rickie and Janet Pratt


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