Letters to the Editor, July 13

July 13, 2013

Many helped make

Fourth a success

From the kickoff parade to the closing Stonewater Church service on the beach, the event goes down as one of the best ever.

The 90-entry parade featured some of the most amazingly decorated floats we have seen in many years, and the spectator turnout was at an all-time high.

As always, Judge Ralph Walton and Jean Cate walked us through the spectacular parade in great fashion, and Michael Alexander blew the lid off with two incredible verses of the National Anthem while the Marine Junior ROTC presented the colors.

We were proud to honor the Riley Stephens family as our Grand Marshal and to also remember Deputy Lance McLean of the Hood County Sheriff’s Office.

The fireworks show over the lake was spectacular as always even though a new location had to be secured at the eleventh hour. We know that some were surprised by the new location and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Due to the added height of the shots, most previous viewing spots were still good, but some were not. For planning purposes, the location will remain the same next year behind Kroger’s off Crawford Street.

This great event could not be accomplished every year without our sponsors, volunteers, spectators and the many employees of the city and county that helped make the event a success … to all of you we send a hearty thank you!

Mike Scott

President and CEO

Granbury Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for a caring

restaurant manager

Kevin Milson, manager at Cotton Patch in Granbury, found my husband’s credit card that he left there and sent it to us.

We appreciate Kevin and all the staff at Cotton Patch for being so honest and caring for their customers.

Thank you.

Luann and Hank Stogner


Celebration helped

with the healing

I’d like to thank all those in our community responsible for and involved in the recent Granbury 4th of July celebration. Many folks in the record crowds at the parade and firework events, and throughout the weekend, shared their thanks and praises for the successful celebration and hard work it took to bring it together.

Our community and families have experienced much heartbreak this year. As we work through the healing process, a celebration that brings us all together was much needed and appreciated.

The Granbury Chamber of Commerce staff and volunteers did an incredible job of organizing and working the event. The months of planning and staging devoted to the celebration were critical to its success.

The county and city employees, police and sheriff department officers, and associated support groups who put in many hours to make things work during the celebration, also did a great job.

Finally, my thanks go to our many citizens who built floats, handed out flags, directed traffic and invited friends and family to come to the parade, watch the fireworks, shop, eat and stay in our town.

So this is a thank-you to all who played a part in the celebration and prompted us to remember we live in the greatest country in the world and that God further blessed us by allowing us to live right here in Granbury, Texas.

Nin Hulett

Mayor Pro Tem


Board ‘rubber stamps’

chief appraiser’s opinion

The current appraisal board just “rubber stamps” whatever the chief appraiser says. I agree he is the “expert” at the meeting, and this puts those of us as average citizens at a disadvantage.

He should be required to give those appearing at the hearing his position on all aspects of the appraisal as well as his evaluation of the value.

I recently appeared before the committee, and as for the vehicle used to establish the value ahead of time, I received a mild overview of how to establish their value.

At the meeting I was told that they used the comparable values in Fort Worth to establish values in Granbury. This is absurd. It is like using resident values in New York to establish resident values in Fort Worth.

I never had a problem until they hired a new chief appraiser.

They used to call me and discuss their appraisal and I could come and agree or at least be prepared for the hearing by knowing the appraiser’s position.

My appraisal has increased 17.4 percent in the last two years while the market value has probably decreased by 10 percent.

Theodore D. Pearce

Pecan Plantation

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