Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

December 15, 2012


needs to be shared

It’s almost the middle of December, and yesterday I finally made time to do some Christmas shopping in another town. Near the end of my shopping marathon, whether it was the fatigue factor or something else, I was moved to the point of tears.

In all my stops, not one clerk ever wished me a “Merry Christmas”!

It was even missing in a Christian bookstore where I purchased quite a few things. In a somewhat emotional explosion, I said, “Merry Christmas” to a clerk standing near the door as I was leaving.

Not that anyone was rude. I was always wished to have a nice day or, as it got later, a nice evening. Normally, that would make me feel just fine. But I was doing my CHRISTMAS shopping! I wanted to experience the same traditional wishes that I’ve grown up having. I needed to hear those wishes but they were nowhere to be found. Quite frankly, had I heard those wishes, it would have put me in a better mood, and I might have been inclined to buy more! As it was, I was getting more depressed with each stop that I made.

So what exactly is happening? Did we not have forefathers who came to this country for religious freedom? Or have we become so diverse that now we must limit our outward expressions of faith to our homes and churches? I find myself feeling confused and saddened, hoping this is just all a mistake, hoping the way things used to be will be magically restored before Christmas. There is still time, you know.

So – as you go about your business between now and Dec. 25, if YOU believe in Christmas, too, won’t you please wish someone else a very “MERRY CHRISTMAS”! I’m still hoping someone will do that for me.

Susie Bentham


Myers pours out love

for needy children

A big old “thank you” to Thomas Myers for a very successful vintage car show for the needy children of Hood County. What a show, his 19th annual supporting needy children. I counted the vintage cars, collector cars, hot rods, race cars and others – over 100 cars.

The weather was perfect and with the team from Myers Automotive and O’Reilly Auto Parts everything went just as smooth as it possibly could.

This show is something that Thomas does from the heart. It is a pure labor of love.

It is not known how many hours of his time that he devotes to putting this car show on.

His preparations show when the cars start to arrive and he has already been on the lot for hours. He knows where he wants everyone. They come in so fast. Thomas is saying, park over there, park in front, go street side. Wow, they just kept coming. Toys everywhere.

Great show Thomas. For the needy children of Hood County, I thank you.

Con Shuck


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