Letters to the Editor, Aug. 3

August 3, 2013

Where was the crowd

for sterling musical?

Something special happened in Granbury on Saturday, July 27. It was something that one usually only thinks of occurring in a few cities in the world – London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles come to mind.

A truly world class musical theater experience took place at the Pecan Plantation Club House, attended by roughly 75 people.

My reason for writing is because so few were able to partake of the experience. When a local promoter puts himself forward, taking all of the business risks including money, time and effort, and such a sterling product emerges, it is a shame that it go under appreciated.

Three sopranos – Corrie Donovan, Chelsea Coyne and Allison Hogson – accompanied by Jennifer Carr at the piano thrilled the small crowd with their talent and the perfection of their performance. Coyne was strong in her solo performance of “Habañera from Carmen.”

Most of the evening revolved around both well-known and little-known songs from contemporary musical theater such as “At the Ballet” from “A Chorus Line” and “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Misérables.”

In this writer’s opinion, the strongest voice was reserved for the most challenging number as Donovan brought the audience to their feet with loud applause and many calls of brava! following her performance of “Musetta’s Waltz” from “La Bohemé.”

We, as a community, need to encourage private, individual risk-taking which is aimed at enhancing the cultural opportunities of the community. No government subsidies of venue or otherwise, just good old American capitalism at work, one person taking a risk with the hope of gain for all.

I hope that there will be a second opportunity to attend a performance of the Granbury Champagne Concert Series. Please watch for the opportunity and try to attend. As those who were there on Saturday evening can tell you, you will be glad.

Walter Kendall


Merchants in the zone

to help at-risk kids

You did it again, Granbury.

Merchants have given to wonderful causes and still you were able to donate to our KIDZONE fundraiser. I am eager to support your businesses in appreciation for your generosity.

Senator Birdwell, you encouraged, inspired and added great joy to the occasion with your spontaneous humor. Thank you!

Sons of the Prairie Wind, what a melodious, beautiful background to our frenzied silent auction bidding. And Aaron Parker, who knew an auction could be so professional and yet so highly entertaining? Makes me want to attend another of your auctions and raise my number high. (Somebody stop me, please!)

Volunteers behind the scenes and so many generous buyers added to the fray providing over $7,000 to support our upcoming program for at-risk students.

Sunday was a day of many answers to prayer as God’s work is being funded!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Terry McNew


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