Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10

August 10, 2013

BRA’s best interest

not our best interest

It’s no secret. In open public meetings senior management of the Brazos River Authority have made the following statement: “BRA’s objective is to sell water.”

BRA is clearly meeting their objective and it is killing Lake Granbury. BRA’s objective is clearly not in the best interest of Lake Granbury’s waterfront owners. Nor is it in the best interest of Granbury businesses. Nor is it in the best interest of all Hood County citizens.

The actions of the Brazos River Authority do not only affect Lake Granbury homeowners, it affects the tax base of Hood County and therefore every family in the county. But let me explain.

Two years ago we refinanced our home. At that time a bank appraised our home at $269,000. Last month the home across the street sold for $168,000 by a family that “just wanted to get out.” That sale virtually reset the value of all homes in our area. You can rest assured that when our homes are evaluated for Hood County taxes, Hood County is going to take a significant hit when homes are valued at half their previous value.

Revenues of businesses are also getting hit. Families that used to come to the lake on extended weekends no longer have a reason to come to Granbury and spend money. They go elsewhere.

The current conditions of the lake are deplorable, but it will soon become worse. The Brazos River Authority is seeking rights to extract an additional 1 million acre feet from Lake Granbury and the upper river basin.

You have a choice. You can either sit back and watch that happen, or you can get involved and help the Lake Granbury Waterfront Owners Association establish the foundation that is needed to retain the best law firm that the community of Granbury deserves to fight BRA’s request, and to restore the lake to the wonderful Hood County asset that it once was.

Gary Hill

Nassau Bay II

Can’t say enough

about inn owner

As my wife Louise and I reflect back on the horrible night of May 15, we are thankful that we were able to get a place to stay.

The Plantation Inn has been home since May 16. We and our dog Dolly have endured. We are more fortunate than some who lost everything (in the tornado). We wish those people the best.

The owner and his staff of Plantation Inn have been the best of friends. They have gone out of their way to make us feel at home away from home. The owner has allowed us to keep our dog with us. The staff has made us feel at home.

My wife drinks a lot of coffee, and the housekeeper makes sure she has plenty.

My wife has a disability. She uses a walker to get around. She also sleeps on a hospital bed. The owner, Dutch, took one bed out of the room so that my wife can have a hospital bed to sleep on at night.

Every morning about 6 a.m. I go to the lobby for breakfast. I have a choice of several cereals, pancakes, eggs and toast. My wife enjoys the biscuits and gravy with butter.

I get dressed and go out to Rancho Brazos to do some cleaning or meet with our contractor. Then about 11 a.m., I return to Plantation Inn.

My wife has games she can play on the computer. Then it’s about time for supper. Then we go to the Plantation Inn for the night.

This has been going on for four weeks. I cannot say enough about the owner of Plantation Inn.

Asa Maddox


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