Letters to Editor, Jan. 19

January 19, 2013

Parents’ concerns should

be met with kindness

Everyone who knows me knows that I am overly cautious when it comes to the safety of my children.

Each day when I drop them off at school I sit and wait till I see them walk through the door. When they are out of sight for seconds in a crowded area I panic.

Like many other parents around the country, when the unthinkable happened at Sandy Brook, my world came to a halt. Suddenly, I had one more thing to worry about during the day when my children are out of my sight. Taking my children to school and dropping them off became a lot more difficult.

I admit those first few days after the shooting I walked both boys all the way to class. Fortunately, many years ago God prepared me for this situation. I was reminded through Christ’s teachings that fear is a tool of the devil and one cannot allow fear to rule one’s life.

The bible also states that we must put our trust in God. Although putting my trust in God was particularly hard in this situation, I felt as though it was something that I had been called to do, and so off to school we went.

I often read the Sound Off, and must say that I have been disappointed by comments to parents during what is a difficult time for all parents. While I do not think that keeping children home from school in light of these events is the right thing to do I definitely understand the inclination to do so.

I would like to remind everyone of God’s most important commandment, that we should love one another for love is of God.

Parents across the country are terrified right now, and their concerns should be met with wisdom and kindness rather than sarcasm and criticism.

Alison Southern


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