Let’s help in BRA fight through letter campaign

February 23, 2013

Let’s help in BRA fight

through letter campaign

The local officials who travelled to Austin last week to meet with the TCEQ about our ongoing struggles with the Brazos River Authority (BRA) are asking Hood County residents to aid in the fight.

They want as many people as possible to flood the offices of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality with requests to be given “party status.” This means the TCEQ would send out letters every time there’s a hearing involving them and the BRA.

Up to this point, no one but those living in Hood County seems to have cared about the plummeting appraisals of lakefront property and low water levels. Waterfront homeowners are continuing to pay dock fees for docks they can’t use as the entire county faces the looming threat of a tax increase and a decline in county services.

One man with a lakefront home in Indian Harbor sent us his 2012 tax statement from the Appraisal District this week. In 2009, the appraised value of his home was $180,600, according to the document. In 2011, it was $167,100.

City and county officials have wanted a fair and peaceful resolution regarding water rights, but they are prepared to take the fight to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington if they have to. Our proximity to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant should have gotten the BRA’s and the TCEQ’s attention some time ago, but didn’t. Large volumes of water are crucial to prevent the release of radiation in the event of an emergency at a nuclear power plant.

Together, we can help with one last push to get our fair share. We can write to the TCEQ requesting “party status.” The address is: Office of Chief clerk MC105, PO Box 13087, Austin, Tx. 78711-3087.

In a joint media release, state Sen. Brian Birdwell (District 22) and state Rep. Jim Keffer (District 60) advised that those requesting placement on the “interested parties” list reference Water Use Permit No. 5851.

Our only other option may be to have “party status” in a class action lawsuit.

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