Kitty cats not covered by Obamacare

November 9, 2013

We recently received a bill of over $300 to cover the yearly health check-up and maintenance for our cat, Dexter.

I asked the doctor “About this bill – are kitty cats covered by Obamacare?”

The answer was “No.” (Apparently the vet already heard this question from others and was not amused.)

I am grateful for the hearings on Obamacare. It has forced both sides to wade through the misinformation and clarify what this plan hopes to accomplish. Let me say from the start, I have no idea how this program will turn out. My degree in communication doesn’t cover that, but I have found the hearings helpful in clearing up the basics.

The underlying assumption of the law is that everyone deserves and can get affordable health care. Whether the new law will be successful in accomplishing that I will leave to others. What I do know is that kitty cats are not covered by Obamacare and neither am I.

I cover my cat and I’m already covered with Medicare and a supplement. The Affordable Care Act is primarily concerned with those of limited resources, the 15 percent of us without health care insurance.

Does that mean that Obamacare doesn’t care about those of us who already have insurance?

In a sense, maybe so.

I think the presumption is that the 85 percent of us who already have insurance are like the sheep safely in the fold; it’s the 15 percent that are lost. (Percentages from the Census data, 2012).

Now the question comes about paying for the subsidies of the 15 percent. Previously expenses were written off by the Emergency Room, the cost of which were passed on by hospitals to the rest of us. Hopefully, the Act will lower hospital and medical costs and the benefits will be passed on to all of us.

Well, hopefully.

Of course, as we have recently learned through the hearings, the Act now requires that the policies of the 85 percent must meet minimal standards set by the government. For some us, it’s an “ouch” as we are forced to pay for a policy that meets those standards. We may or may not find a policy that keeps our payments the same.

So what does our sense of morality say about this, what’s fair/what’s not and does compassion play a part?

I leave that to you.

One thing I know for sure is that kitty cats are not covered by Obamacare and neither are most of us.

It is intended to cover the 15 percent with lesser resources.

Will it work? Time will tell.

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