Jessica Lee: It’s what I was thinking

October 20, 2012

It’s what I was thinking

This is just a preview of what is to come from fantastically weird friends and good times without force.

A preview of future pages that will be filled with adventures where only a special group of people would understand its meaning; understand its greatness as a whole and not just a piece of it.

What you are about to read is an idea that sprang up in an isle filled with fiction novels and three book-smelling, page-turning, English nerds.

My life sucks, but my hair doesn’t

Part one: Book rats

I turn the isle to see Sarah and Natalie sitting on the floor, piles of authors surrounding them; authors like John Green, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Markus Zusak. What a wonderful combination, I thought, as I took a seat next to them with my own pile of unread words.

“I thought I would find you guys here,” I said picking up John Green’s “Looking for Alaska.”

“That book is SO good, it’s about this guy who…” continues Natalie excitedly. This girl is quickly on her way to becoming a perfect friend. The other day I learned that she loves to read as well as watch ridiculous, probably unhealthy, amounts of television; and I thought I was the only one.

Looking at Sarah, I can see her worry-face start to develop. “Guys … I just don’t know which ones I want to get! Can’t I just have them all?!”

I swear, it is as if Sarah and I are the same person.

As I sit there admiring the grim but attractive writing style of John Green, an employee walks by to check on us for the third time. Almost in unison we say, “Hello … yea, we’re fine. Thanks.”

Moments like this tend to happen when you spend a lot time with the same person or group of people. In the short amount of time that we have all hung out as a trio, we have slowly started to become one person. Except for the obvious factors that each of us has brought to this glorious group.

Natalie is our encyclopedia of random facts. She can remember everything that we have done, read, accomplished, while also being incredibly clumsy.

Sarah is the heart and soul of the trio. She feels for every living, breathing and sometimes inanimate thing. Without her, we are just a couple of sarcastic people watching too much Law and Order SVU.

And me, well I am the comic relief in a script intended for real life. I like to think that if I ever completely fail at life down the road, then I will just pack up my novels and become a traveling comedian. I’ll send post cards of course.

It is also because of moments like this that great ideas develop.

Pulling my head out of Green’s fictitious world to my real one, I exclaim, “Hey! Do you know what we should do?!”

“No, Jessica, what SHOULD we do?” says Natalie slightly turning to rest her chin on her palm; Sarah also in compliance.

“We should start a book club!!” And this time, I was actually screaming. Why haven’t we thought of this before?! It’s bloody brilliant!

I wasn’t the only one screaming, as both Natalie and Sarah throw their hands in the air, “THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!! Why haven’t we thought of this before?!”

Weird. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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