It’s just a matter of time

January 19, 2013

On Jan. 12, 2011, I had the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

My daughter was born.

And now that it’s 2013, I can’t believe that we just celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday I was telling you all that I was pregnant with her? It’s no fair how life speeds up when children are involved. My sister- in-law made Finley a slideshow with music documenting her first two years, and I cried the whole 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

I watched in amazement as each photo changed and she grew older and older. There were even little videos within the video documenting some of her biggest moments.

I sobbed as she smiled and laughed as an infant, and as she ate rice cereal for the first time, and as she crawled toward her stuffed animal.

I laughed out loud when she danced to 90s rap music with rhythm that totally caught my husband and me off guard.

And as the photographs and videos continued to change, I cried even harder. I cried because my tiny little baby is no longer a tiny little baby. And I cried because she will never be a tiny little baby again.

I cried because it feels like I just blinked and she went from a newborn to a little girl. But most of all, I cried because I realize that before I know it she will be starting kindergarten, and then driving, and then going off to college. It will never slow down.

It’s funny how time works. When you’re wanting time to go by quickly, it passes as slow as can be. But when you’ve found something that you want to hold onto for forever, time has no sympathy. In fact, it moves faster than ever. In what feels like 9 minutes and 36 seconds, two whole years passed.

Time is not on anyone’s side (not even The Rolling Stones). We can’t change the rate at which time moves. What we can do is make the most of each minute we’ve got – whether they pass by in 60 seconds or 5 seconds.

And we can take lots of photographs so that when two whole years pass, we can look back and remember all of the major moments, as well as the small, in a matter of 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

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