Is Pajama Nation rising among us?

April 20, 2013

The underlying philosophy of wearing pajamas in public escapes me.

I’m not referring to just running out to the front yard for a few seconds to grab the newspaper by the dawn’s early light while wearing your Snoopy PJs. We’re talking about going to town dressed for bed.

I harbor no ill will toward anyone who dresses differently than me. Some members of my family used to watch the spectacle of Liberace when he made TV appearances wearing enough sparkly attire to be visible from other galaxies. And I was a fan of Elton John – even back in the days when he was performing while dressed as a duck.

Recently when I went to pay my bill at a local office, I noticed a man to my left standing near another car, wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt.

My first thought wasn’t “Wow, those look so comfortable. I’m jealous.”

No. Because no matter how stylish your pajamas look to you in the bedroom mirror, they’re just not.

I stepped inside the office, expecting Mr. Sandman to follow behind me. I was hoping to avoid an awkward moment at the door, during which I might feel obligated to offer a comment like, “Great looking pair of pajamas you’re wearing today. Halston? Vera Wang?”

I realized he was still outside, talking to someone. Then it hit me. His buddy was also wearing pajama bottoms.

I’ve seen other people, mostly women, wearing loose-fitting clothing that appeared to be pajama-like. Those were at least marginally fashionable, and I’m confident they weren’t designed as sleepwear.

There are plenty of fashion-challenged people who can’t adequately dress themselves even using conventional clothes.

Years ago I worked with a popular guy who usually dressed in various combinations of black and white shirts and slacks. Another co-worker told me the reason our friend wore mostly black and/or white clothes. He was color blind – and at the time had no wife to help coordinate his colors.

But this PJ Patrol was different. They were flaunting the fact that they just don’t give a rip about what other people think.

We all know people like that, of course. Good for them, you may be thinking. Many of us, to an extent, may secretly admire them for the ability to let go of their vanity for the sake of comfort or convenience.

But maybe it was something more sinister. Maybe they are members of a secret pajama cult. I think I’ve heard rumors of such fringe groups in California, traveling in pairs just like these two guys. They probably have secret Hugh Hefner tattoos. And after hours they probably stage illegal pillow fights in abandoned barns, placing bets on the winners.

On the other hand, it could be that our modern culture’s popular music and movie hipsters may be responsible for this public pajama trend.

It could probably be traced back to that famous rapper, Jay-Zzzzzz.

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