I’m walkin’ the floor over my cowboy boots

March 15, 2014

This may sound like nonsense to you, but I’m worried about cowboy boots. Truly I am. When you read what I’ve discovered you’ll understand why I’m bringing this up. The point is, in my opinion it’s serious, and should be made known.

Most cowboy boots sold in stores today are not made in the USA. The Chinese are making them! They are turning out millions of pairs of our sacred western treasure, which is something I find disheartening.

How do I know this? I spent several months searching for a plain pair of everyday cowboy boots. Nothing fancy, no inlaid colored leather, or high fashion, I just wanted a basic pair of boots. The existing boots I’ve had some 20 years were just plain worn out, so I began a search to find a replacement pair.

Maybe I’m picky, or difficult to please, but I found nothing suitable made in America. Store after store, department stores, western stores with every brand and style, feed and ranch stores, all proved fruitless. Things didn’t look good; I was faced with the possibility of never finding American-made boots. Which is something most of us don’t notice, and for some obscure reason, men never think about things like this.

Don’t ask me why. I’m not an expert in much of anything, but what do the Chinese know about cowboy boots? And why did it take me months to find boots that are actually made in America? Thank goodness I finally did, for there were moments, actually, weeks, believing I would never find them!

Anyhow, I went on line, something I’m not good at, called stores in hopes of solving my dilemma, and continued a store-to-store search, an experience that left me edgy and exasperated.

Finally, after driving halfway to Abilene I found exactly what I had searched for. Plain and basic, soft leather, light weight, a perfect fit, I was ecstatic, plus they were made in Texas! My family and friends were thrilled to hear an end to my whining and complaining over the hunt for American-made cowboy boots!

But this troubles me. Maybe the basis, I suppose, is money. Apparently, as has been proven, the Chinese can make anything cheaper by using under-paid help. But is it better? It’s crossed my mind that quite a few items are not. So, this was part of my reasoning for American-made boots. Plus, I’m rather patriotic about things like cowboy boots.

I mean, honestly, what would John Wayne do? I’m willing to bet he would be mortified, possibly set out on a similar search. Still I’m worried about the future of a true American icon and confess to being somewhat irritated about this because I might want another pair of boots in a few years. Now I’m worried what I’ll have to endure by then!

And I’m worried about us, we, Americans. To know real cowboys and cowgirls, even urban ones, are walking around every day, going to rodeos, or dressing up for a dance wearing Chinese-made cowboy boots, its distressing. Honestly, I don’t mind if the Chinese make electronic and a zillion other items, but cowboy boots, please, that’s almost sacrilegious.

What happened? Well, it seems there might be a few American workers who don’t want to be bothered with tedious, fine craft work so their bosses found someone who had more ambition. Or is it a greater want for money?

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