Here’s the scoop: Christmas is more than snowman poop

December 22, 2012

The other day, there was a posting on Yahoo with the headline “10 creative stocking stuffers under $20!” Suggestions ranged from giant $10 erasers that kids might enjoy to tea infusers to Krazy Straws.

Yahoo probably meant well. But human nature being what it is, the helpful suggestions were met with hostility and sarcasm from members of the public who showed little holiday spirit. They basically posted that Yahoo could stuff their stocking stuffers.

Wrote Adriene: “Great… all under $20..except now that Yahoo has published this, just 7 days before Christmas..add on $25 for expedited shipping.” She ended the posting by calling the folks at Yahoo a rather unflattering name.

Then there was Steve, who gave his own helpful suggestion for that special stocking stuffer: “I give marshmallows with a letter that says you have been bad, that’s the scoop, so all you get is snowman poop.”


Seems like we, in essence, tend to poop on each other quite a bit, if you ask me. People love to criticize, and the darker side of human nature has the greeting card industry laughing all the way to the bank.

One holiday greeting card features a drawing of two ladies in 1950s dresses and Santa hats. One is saying to the other: “Let’s go somewhere and judge people.”

Google “rude Christmas” and you’ll find a host of T-shirts, greeting cards and gift ideas – many featuring language that you wouldn’t use around your mother.

Then again, you might.

When did we trade the Christmas nativity scene for the Christmas negativity scene?

I’m reminded of a Family Guy episode where Peter Griffin does his own version of a Christmas album. “Uh, oh, here comes Jesus. And he doesn’t look too happy,” he sings.

Why would he?

Somewhere along the way, peace on Earth, good will toward men somehow became “get the heck out of my way, I’m next in line.”


I read a piece this week about rude holiday shoppers and how to deal with them. Consider the plight of poor pitiful Pearl:

“Last year while shopping, another customer banged her shopping cart right into the back of my ankle. $$%^$# that HURT, and I couldn’t help but glare at her. Does anyone have any experiences and shopping tips to share to avoid frazzled Christmas shoppers?”

Well, Pearl, you could order online, but as Adriene will be quick to tell you, those (expletive) will make you pay through the nose for expedited shipping.

One woman detailed a Christmas shopping excursion last year, when she and her husband “DH” were buying gifts to take to their church for those in need. When it was their turn at the checkout counter, a woman barged ahead of them.

“Well, DH and I looked at each other, took a deep breath and put on a smile,” recalled the woman. “Sometimes I truly believe that when we are doing something good, roadblocks are put in the way of good works.”

Her take on what truly matters at Christmas seems a whole lot more meaningful than a stocking full of tea infusers and snowman poop, don’t you think?

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