Help wanted: City leader to guide Granbury into the future

December 8, 2012

Next year, the position of Granbury mayor will be on the November ballot. The current mayor has said that he does not plan to seek a second term.

The filing period won’t open for quite some time, but it is not too early to start thinking about who will fill that center seat on the dais.

It’s no secret that the past few years have been ones of upheaval. Several members of the longtime regime lost re-election in the wake of controversies. Some of the newer ones aren’t returning, whether by their choice or by the will of the voters.

With upcoming airport expansion and business and residential growth, it is a crucial time for the city of Granbury. The city needs leadership that is educated, experienced and professional. It doesn’t matter whether qualified candidates have held office before. What does matter is that they possess good people skills and common sense, along with intelligence (there is a difference).

Let’s hope that whoever ends up filling those shoes will use city money wisely, and be content with the healthy pay that is already on the table. And, please, let’s not elect someone who publicly embarrasses others by making accusations in public meetings.

City service should not be the kindergarten for those who somehow manage to get elected. It should be an arena of public service for those who have graduated to that level.

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