Healthy living – it’s not for me!

February 1, 2014

January is behind us, and it’s time to quit fooling around.

Seriously, all of us need to get organized and change our lifestyle, especially our eating habits. Well, it’s what I’m reading and listening to every day, or so it seems. Honestly, I’m already sick of the so-called experts telling me how poorly I’m living my life, and I bet you are too.

But the fact is, the mailbox is full of magazines and advertisements with a zillion ways to improve life. The TV and computer blast out warnings if this or that isn’t done, beginning right now, life will be miserable, we’ll get fat, sick, mentally incompetent, and the future will be altered in a such way life will be hell.

Good grief.

We’ve got to eat healthier and wiser, strive for a calmer lifestyle, pare down to the bare essentials and figure out our medical insurance.

“Oh my gosh,” I don’t know about you, but I can’t do all this in one year. The most brilliant minds of the country can’t figure out our medical insurance quagmire, and I’ll bet they can’t pare down to the bare essentials; or get organized either!

We must heed this advice or we’ll become toxic, the advertisers are warning. That’s right, toxic, like a landfill or chemical processing plant, and for certain die an early death! This is hard to believe, but that’s what they’re trying to convince us to do, reform and detox our body and mind.

But the truth is, which I don’t understand, people feel compelled to start over at the beginning of every new year, fretting and agonizing on how to accomplish everything on a list of changes masterminds of the industry suggest. Then the rest of the year is spent attempting to achieve near impossible feats of transformation.

For example, eat less meat, eat less everything, and do not consume processed or genetically engineered food ever again! Eat every fresh vegetable and fruit displayed in the supermarket, eat gluten-free food, oil, nuts, fish, and grains, and give up pizza! Drink green tea, filtered water, and take vitamins, along with clean up the air in our unhealthy home. Well, what should I do about relatives? If they spend more than an hour in my home the air begins to feel contaminated!

In order to follow this healthy plan, we can’t eat fast food, county fair or tailgate food, nor allow fried chicken, heavenly pie or sugary cake to ever pass our lips again. Plus, we need to exercise, follow a weight loss program, and throw away items in our home made with environmentally hazardous chemicals!

Yep, clean out the house, especially the closets! Seems those experts and Ph.Ds who research our way of life, have discovered plastic items, our clothes, shoes, and handbags are made using compounds known as Obesogens, a chemical hormone disrupter that can make us fat. Oh no, I thought it was diet failure! I’m not kidding, I read this in a health magazine. Maybe those nudists are smarter than we thought.

I’m worried. I don’t think I can follow this plan. I know for sure I can’t give up fried chicken or pizza! Plus, with all this pushing, accusing and finger shaking, I’ve had it. I’m just not cut out to be one of those people who strive to be perfect, keep a spotless house, or make sure it’s chemical free, and eat what I’m told in order to live a long and healthy life.

I’m convinced we are what we are. I’m me, a tad set in my ways, plus I enjoy food! So, no amount of resolve will get me more organized or change my eating habits much. So, I’ll continue living on the daring side as though this research into healthy living and eating isn’t exactly true.

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