He rained on her parade

September 7, 2013

One of the questions I get a lot since adding Fisher to the mix is, “How is Finley accepting him?”

The honest answer is that she’s accepted him better than I ever could have imagined. She has yet to show any signs of jealousy toward him. In fact, she beams with pride when anyone shows him any attention, as she wants everyone to know that he is her brother.

I catch her now and then being a little too rough with him, but it’s all in a Lenny (Of Mice and Men) type of way.

I have to explain to her not to lay on top of him when she’s giving him a hug, and not to rub his head quite so hard when she’s talking to him in a baby voice.

Tonight I bathed the two of them together for the first time, and I had to get on to her for spitting water on his head. But I must say that what he did to her a couple of months ago far surpasses anything she’s ever done to him.

It was a day that I had the kids by myself. I think my husband was at work, or possibly out of town.

I took Fisher to his changing table, and Finley went in his room with us. She had one of my old baby dolls in her arms, and she was dancing and marching and babbling to it.

I opened Fisher’s diaper and placed a wipe over his “area.” I stretched across to put the diaper in the trash can, and when I did, he wiggled the wipe off of himself. All of a sudden, a stream went up for a split second.

I gasped and looked at Finley and said, “Oh my gosh! Did you see that?! He just pee-peed in the air for a second!”

And right when I said that, the stream came back, but this time with a much fuller force. It was like a water fountain. And in slow motion I watched it shoot high in the air, and hang left, and make a direct (and I mean DIRECT) hit on my innocent, dancing, didn’t-see-it-coming daughter’s face.

It felt like it lasted for minutes and that I was moving in slow motion.

It finally stopped, and she screamed and started crying. I got a wipe and immediately wiped off her face because I could tell it was about to drip into her screaming, wide-open mouth.

I was in shock.

Sure, he had peed on my husband and me and the grandmothers several times, but I honestly didn’t think he’d ever have a chance to do it to Finley. And yet, there she was. So incredibly sad. She and her doll dripping with Fisher’s urine.

I couldn’t help myself when I started to laugh. I said, “Finley! He pee-peed on you! Can you believe that? Fisher pee-peed on you!”

And finally she started laughing, and we laughed together for a few minutes. I got her all cleaned up, threw the old doll in the washing machine and, of course, posted what had just transpired on social media.

Later in the day, we went to change his diaper again. This time, she stood across the room and hid behind his crib. In fact, this is where she still stands today when Fisher’s diaper is being changed.

So how has she accepted this new little baby who uses all of her old things and forces her to share Mommy and Daddy? I’d say pretty darn good.

Especially considering that he rained on her parade.

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